A taste of Tuscany on the Georgia coast

Savor the chance to eat a custom made, authentic Italian meal from the comfort of your home.

About us

Stefano Fani and Martha Cullen have long worked together in the restaurant industry in Italy and are excited to bring their experience to the Golden Isles.
Stefano grew up in Casentino, a small mountainous region with an immense culinary culture, and worked in bars and restaurants in Florence, Italy for over a decade.
Martha moved to Italy in 2009 and lived and worked in the industry for many years. Of all her time in the industry, her years as an artisan baker in the heart of Florence shaped her particular passion for bread and pastry.
In 2019, they moved with their two children to St. Simons Island. With them they brought a love of history and food that they hope, now, to share with you.

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